Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Please check that you don’t have any Covid-19 symptoms before initiating travel.
  • Hotels may not allow check-in for guests with Body Temperature above 99°F, refund/alternate not possible in such cases
  • Please ensure to wear masks while outdoors
  • Please carry sanitizer and use the same before & after visiting sites/places
  • Maintain physical distance at sightseeing places, hotels and restaurants
  • Please avoid paying with cash and use digital wallets for payment wherever poss
  • Adults above 65 years old and children below 10 years are not recommended to travel for now
  • Please ensure your pickup location is not part of a containment zone while booking a tour
  • Please adhere to Govt. guidelines and health advisory on Covid-19
  • While we try our best to reschedule trips affected by Covid-19, trip cancellations will be handled as per Booking Policy