In this article I will be telling you everything about CC in train i.e, Chair Class.

Indian Railways is the 4 largest railway network in the world by size. As per March 2019 it has a route length of 68,155kms. Moreover, it is the busiest railway network of the world. I will discuss about what is 2S in train in this article.

Railways is one of the most used and reliable public transport in India. A person can travel from Jammu in extreme north to Kanyakumari in extreme south of the country.

In the fiscal year ending March 2019, IR carried 844 crore (8.44 billion) passengers and transported 123 crore (1.23 billion) tonnes of freight. IR runs 13,523 passenger trains daily as well as 9,146 freight segment trains.

India’s economy is very much dependent on Railways and IR provides employment to more than 29 lakhs employees. Railways is divided in 16 zones all over India having further divisions in each zone.

One of the Indian railways biggest revenue generation is from reservation for passengers. There are different seating level where you can have a reservation depending on your budget.

Different Classes of travel

  1. UR( Unreserved or General Class)- It is one of the cheapest mode of travelling where you don’t require a reservation. Moreover, comfort level is very poor in this type of travel.
  2. 2S (Second seating)- While most of India’s middle class used to travel in Sleeper Class. This type of seating requires reservation although you cannot sleep in this class.
  3. SL (Sleeper Class)- This type of class requires reservation and you can sleep in your journey.
  4. CC (Chair Car)- This is an Air conditioned class but only for short routes. CC in train is little crowded.
  5. 3AC (Third AC)- Same as Sleeper class but you will have air condition facility.
  6. 2AC (Second AC)- Two Tier Air Conditioned Class attracts upper class of traveller.
  7. 1AC (First AC)- First Class Air Condition(1AC), runs only on the most popular inter-state train routes.

How to reserve a seat?

Well to reserve a seat you either have to go to ticket window or else book a ticket online. A PNR number is issued after booking your ticket which is either confirmed, RAC or on waiting list.

Booking a ticket is very easy now a days but to get a confirm ticket is very difficult in India. So, you have to make a prior booking to get a confirm seat.

To book your ticket online you have to visit the official website of Indian Railways i.e,

What is a PNR?

 PNR number, or PNR code is an electronic detail consisting of numbers and letters that you get for a train seat. It is the abbreviation of “Passenger Name Record”.

This number is issued when you do a booking for a desired train. However, getting a PNR doesn’t mean that your seat is confirmed. You might get a PNR for a waiting seat too.

What is CC in train- Explained

This is Chair Car class by the Indian Railways. It consists of only seating arrangements with 3 X 2 seats per row. Each seat is for one passenger only and needs reservation.

Only short route trains run with such type of reservation class. Importantly, some premium trains like Shatabdi and Duronto have such type of seating arrangement. Jan Shatabdi too have 1-2 coaches of CC in train .

AC Chair Car(CC) in train

There are small tables are there on the back of your front seat which a passenger can open to have meal or to keep their belongings. These coaches are clean and well maintained by the Indian Railways. I think travelling in Chair Car gives you a combined feeling of flight and bus journey.

Comfort Level: The seats recline, there is overhead space for luggage, and bathrooms tend to be relatively clean. It’s a comfortable enough way to travel on day trips.

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